Kitchen and Bathroon Design - Getting the Most Bang for your Buck

7 Nov 2014
It’s no secret that Bathroom and Kitchen renovations add the most value to your home. This also comes with huge costs. Here are some tips to help you achieve the most “bang for your buck”:

Maximizing your layout !!.. It is important that you utilize every square foot with your new floor plans.
Increasing storage and functionality should be your main goals with your new renovation. The Kitchen is the center of the home. We eat, cook and entertain in it, so it’s only natural that the floor plan should be multi functional. Don’t be afraid to tear down walls, or steal space from an adjacent room. Columns and Bulkheads can also be worked around if planned correctly. Most homeowners underestimate their storage needs. You can never have enough storage so don’t be shy with adding cabinetry.

Keep it Classic
After you do an expensive renovation such as a Kitchen you want to keep your finishes selection classic so in five years you still love it and it never dates. Stick with the classics, marble, laminate flooring and stone. Chrome, Stainless and Oil Rubbed Bronze are all safe classics that won’t age and will keep your kitchen current in 5, 10, 15 years.

Focal Point
The key element to any good design is the focal point.  Choose one item to splurge on; it can be a backsplash, light fixture or even the hardware for cabinets. That one element will be the wow factor for years to come and once you commit to which item you MUST have, be frugal with other items so you can stay on track with your budget.


Problem Solving !!.. If you have any experience with renovations you may have realized that bathrooms often pose the most problems or challenges. First and foremost assess what problems you have, make sure to address these problems with the new design. Whether it’s plumbing issues, storage issues or a floor plan that isn’t working for you make sure to problem solve so that the new design will keep you happy for years to come.

Maximize Space
If any room is guilty of looking messy, cluttered and overall untidy, the bathroom takes the lead. Bathrooms are full of products, daily necessities and beauty supplies, so place a strong emphasis on space and storage when re-designing.  Maximizing storage within your new vanity should be well thought out. Minimum requirements should be two drawers and one cabinet. If you have the space for more, go for it!
In a very small bathroom a full glass shower enclosure is ideal to give the illusion of space. The glass walls will allow lots of light in the shower and will help to make the space feel brighter.

There is a common misconception here in the Caribbean that you need to tile every wall from floor to ceiling in bathrooms. While there is nothing wrong with this look, it can significantly increase your overall budget. Tiles do take up a large percentage of your finishes budget, so choose wisely and consider tiling the wet areas only or perhaps creating a paneling effect by tiling 3ft high from floor.

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