A Guide to Home Renovating for New Year Resolutions

29 Dec 2014
Most of us have New Year resolutions and if you are a home owner you most likely have some home renovation resolutions. Take our tips for making your renovation resolution list a reality.

Every Old Year’s night as the clock strikes midnight, you become aware that the New Year has begun and that there are so many things you wished you had done differently in the year that has passed. Immediately you start making resolutions for the New Year that is upon you. If you are a home owner you may have some home renovation resolutions; I want to fix up my bathroom, I want to take up the vinyl in the living room and replace it with hardwood, I want to do this, I want to do that. Well we at Home and Garden Caribbean want to guide you through making your resolution list a reality.

Areas of Interest
rusted galvanize roof that needs replacing

These areas are the most frequently checked in home renovations;

The Roof: It is very important that the roof over your head is in good order. A new roof usually last about 20 plus years and often home owners forget to check on their roofs until they are sitting watching TV on a rainy day, and well you know the rest.

Floors: Many home owners desire to switch out their vinyl or carpeting for hardwood floors to give a more modern look. You can add baseboards on the edgings of your walls to help them blend in with which ever hardwood floors you choose. 

Electrical: Upgrading your electrical system is also a common renovation project. Old wiring should be upgraded for safety, efficiency or just for adding extras like entertainment systems or replacing light fixtures.

Plumbing: You can upgrade your plumbing especially if you are remodeling bathrooms, the kitchen or the laundry room.  When upgrading your plumbing you should also check your sewer line, it may need some updating as well.

Curb Appeal: Don’t forget your yard; you will most likely want to make changes there as well. Where your curb is concerned you may want new plants, new lighting or even outdoor furniture. Ideally you should wait until you are finished with all your other renovation projects before you deal with the curb appeal as curb appeal should always be dealt with last. 

Wants VS. Needs
wants and needs list on paper

Make a list by separating them into two columns labeling one, “Wants” and the other “Needs”. This gives you a clearer view of your priorities and it also helps when you are faced with difficult decisions. For example if you are doing over you master bathroom, you may want more storage but you may need new tiles, if you unable to afford both you go with your need, and get the new tiles. I do this for casual shopping also it really helps!

Determine your Budget
hand holding money for budget

Even though you plan on getting your hands dirty and doing the work yourself, which we strongly encourage, you may still need to consult a contractor or an architect depending on the extent of your renovation. You will need to know how much you are planning on spending and how much work you want done, so that the contractor or the architect will let you know whether this is possible or not. You should always estimate a little over, like say 10% for those, I did not see that coming moments. 

Set a Timeline
new years schedule with calendar

This is very important as if you don’t push, a two week project can turn into a two month project. Set a time limit and try to stick to it. You should also make your time frame work with your needs. If you know that you have to do some entertaining in one month you won’t wait until you only have two weeks to spare and expect to finish because the odds are you won’t. 

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