The Colour Of Light

13 Aug 2014
Light colour comes in different tones and these tones create different moods. Some tones are best suited for particular rooms. Here’s how to light your house the correct way.
lamp showing different light temperatures

So you go to the store to purchase a bulb/lamp, the store clerk asks you what colour light you’re looking for and you respond with, “the yellow one”. No no no. Whether it’s Incandescent, LED, Halogen or CFL lights have different colours that create different tones. Some light tones are more appropriate for different places in the home. Here’s the rundown of all the different light colours, the mood they create and the rooms in which they are most appropriate.

Warm Tones (2700k-3000k)
lamp showing warm tone bulb

Creates a cozy vibe, makes guests feel welcome. These tones are best suited for Foyers, Master Bedrooms and Living/Family rooms to a certain extent. For foyers this type of lighting is important because a foyer is a house’s first impression and you want guests to feel invited and welcomed. The Master Bedroom is where the magic happens, so you will definitely want an intimate, comfy, snug feeling. In the Living/family room warm tones create a more relaxing environment and if you plan on socializing warm tones can even invoke more conversation.  

Cool Tones (3500k-4100k)
lamp showing cool tone bulb

The best place for these tones are in kitchens, bathrooms and home offices/studies. In kitchens these tones give a clean appearance and the environment will feel more sanitary. Cool tones in bathrooms are especially good for women putting on their makeup as it gives a clear example of what their makeup will look like when they step outside. In home office/studies they increase focus and productivity. You will be squinting less and feel less tired at the end of your work sessions.

Natural Light/ “Daylight” (5000k-6500k)
lamp showing daylight bulb

Sure some tones of natural/“daylight” can be used in bathrooms, like 5000k, but generally these light tones are best suited for commercial spaces. In colder climates, these are used indoors to create the feeling of sunlight when there is none or hardly any, we here in the Caribbean don’t have that problem, so these light tones really have no place in the home.

Now, are you still going to be asking for “the yellow one” at the light store?

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